Fresh (Cardboard) Meat!: The First Acquisitions of June

The other night, I was excited to stumble upon a posting to the local gaming guild by a fellow gamer who is moving, and wants to divest himself of some of his games. As it turns out, he lives 5 minutes from me, which makes it sad we didn’t know each other while he was still in residence, because he seems like a mensch, and we might have played games together. Anyway, I missed the $10 Glory to Rome (the cartoony edition – pick your jaw up off the floor now), but I did get Tigris & Euphrates, San Juan, and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation for something approaching, but not quite as much as, a song. (Too bad, as I sing like an angel, and might have gotten Glory to Rome from him after all, prior promise to someone else notwithstanding!)

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation, San Juan, and Tigris and Euphrates

These games hadn’t really been on my radar before, but I know they’re supposed to be good games, and the prices were certainly attractive, so I figured I had nothing to lose in trying them out. If I don’t care for them, I can probably make a fairly good trade or sale for each of them, and bring in something more to my taste. Full disclosure: I haven’t even played Puerto Rico, which I hope doesn’t impede the ease of my understanding of San Juan, or my enjoyment of same.

I’ve watched the Drive-Thru Review video for Tigris and Euphrates, and I’ll have to go to the rules book for a few clarifications, but it looks good, and the theme, which is always important to me, looks enjoyable. For San Juan, I stuck with Dice Tower. I’m pleased with my prospects with this one. I honestly was afraid it was going to be a little dry, and it might yet be, but the video made it look pretty good, so here’s hoping. Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation is the one I thought I’d be most excited about. I watched Marco Arnaudo’s – BGG user marnaudo – video on this one (I forget to watch him a lot of the time, which is too bad, because he’s really good), and he just loves it, though I admit to finding myself a bit skeptical. He assures me the theme isn’t pasted on, so maybe it’s not, but it rather looks it on the surface. We shall see.

Tonight’s agenda, for after Lane clocks out, had been going to fire up Belfort, at long last, but now I’m wondering if we should fire up one of these instead. For my part, both seems the obvious choice, but Lane is something approaching a more sane human being, and he doesn’t get off work until about midnight, so that probably won’t happen…. Or will it?


Duncan has a persuasive face – I believe he did get to share the cantaloupe he was asking for


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