I Didn’t Even Have to Wear a Dressy T-shirt: 2-Player Sunday Game Day at Home

Sunday, we were supposed to go to a Game Day being held by a generous soul in Charlotte, and we had a baby sitter for the dog and everything, but I was just feeling emotionally exhausted, and it didn’t help that the church service I had taken my mom to that morning had been particularly non-secular. (It’s like Russian Roulette with those people. shake) I was wiped out. So it was decided that we would cancel the baby sitter, put on comfy house clothes, and spend the evening gaming at home. I knew I might not get as many hours of gaming this way, but it would be relaxed and good, so it was a worthy trade. We made it so.

We warmed up with 4 quick games of Timeline: Diversity. This just arrived in the magic CSI box that was two months in coming because it was being held for the pre-order of the new boxed edition of Love Letter, which I was curious about. (We’d never played it.) The box finally arrived Friday, full of games I’d forgotten I’d even ordered. So we played Timeline, and we really like it. I have to say, though, that the bloody Chinese should not be allowed to be included in this game. There will be one card that wants to know when Europeans invented nose breathing, and another that’s when the Chinese invented high rise apartments, and sure enough the Chinese one was actually first. Maddening. It’s enough to give a round eye a complex! In terms of components, we find it’s very hard to get a really good shuffle on it. We find large clumps of inventions, or large clumps of ancient world things, etc. It’s great, though, and I actually think my mom is going to like it, which is a huge bonus.


From there, we decided to see what the fuss was about with Love Letter. I must say, there isn’t a lot of fuss, at least of the positive kind, to be had in a 2-player game. It wasn’t terrible with two, but it wasn’t at all great. We made it through, and Lane won, and we had a nice time. I love that the handmaid has my same name, just spelled a little differently, and no doubt pronounced differently, but we just pronounced it my way, because she’s sort of a redhead, and I’m sure it’s what she would want.

One of the Four Taverns

We moved on to Four Taverns. Ah, Four Taverns. This is one we acquired Saturday at the OtherFLGS. It’s made by the guys who made Dwarven Miner, which we love, and to which we introduced the owner of OtherFLGS, who also loves it. He got to meet one of the makers, and played this game with him, and came home very enthusiastic about it, so we felt we had to buy it, without having a chance to research it first. I plan to write a full review, including a few less than laudatory points, after a few more plays. At the moment, I will say that I lament that I could have bought any one of 3 different games I refrained from this week for the price of this one, and been more happy with my choice. It’s not a terrible game, though, and we did have fun playing it.

Carcassonne: South Seas was in the magic CSI chest, and Lane had never played it, so we played that. It really is a pretty game, and I like the unique scoring mechanics. I think it adds to the depth of the Carc family, while, admittedly, also providing an excuse to print money, because it also does that, as does every new Carc product. Like shooting nerds in a barrel.

When we got Four Taverns, we learned that the shop owner had been able to get some of the promo cards for Dwarven Miner for us at the trade show. This is really nice for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it has occasionally caused a twinge of discomfort that there was an available promo card that I couldn’t get, for a game I really liked. I guess I’m kind of a completionist. It was also really nice, cuz, well, new toy! So of course, we wanted to get them into the deck and play the game to see how they played. Funnily enough, they didn’t actually come out. The 2-player Dwarven Miner goes so fast, I think we need to institute a house rule that we go through the scoring track twice, rather than once.

Joos van Craesbeeck: A Guardroom Interior with Soldiers playing Cards [fragment]

To finish out our weekend before work started this afternoon, we played a game of Dominion this morning, which was fun. I discovered that the Cornucopia set I traded for isn’t organized or anything (and is missing the instructions, GRR, so that means $9 at Staples if I want a really nice color print of them), so that’s a project I need to undertake so that it will be usable in games. So far, we’ve only used the base set, which is great, and good for plenty more play. I’d just like to check out the other set as well.

It was a good Game Day, and I love playing games with Lane. Do I wish he were a little more obsessed so we could play for 8 hours, instead of a lightning-round 5? Yes, absolutely. But I loved every minute of the 5 hours, and I (probably) wouldn’t trade them for an 8-hour Game Day elsewhere. Probably.


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One Response to I Didn’t Even Have to Wear a Dressy T-shirt: 2-Player Sunday Game Day at Home

  1. frankiestein says:

    Love Letter is definitely better with a group IMO.

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