Grail of the Week: Pecunia non olet

Update of Grails Past
Actually, I have good news to report. After my recent article on Rapa Nui, a gentleman contacted me about a copy he had, and we came to an understanding, and it is winging its way to me as we speak. Photographic evidence as it becomes available.

And because nothing is ever enough for this girl…

Okay, here’s the deal. You’re a Roman. And you’re a public toilet owner. Yes, sure, take a second. Read it again. *waiting music* You ready? So you’re a toilet owner, and you rent out the toilets. Your clients include Ladies, Senators, and Slaves, and you need to juggle their needs and fees successfully so that you’re the wealthiest toilet owner at the end of the game.

Pecunia non olet, also an adage meaning “Money doesn’t stink,” is brilliant. (The brilliance of the adage, of course, is a matter of some significant debate.) Yeah, it’s a kids’ game, and it’s silly, but it’s so unusual, and just, I don’t know, exuberant in its design, as well as being well-reviewed by an acquaintance of mine who owns it, that I really think I should have it. I’m 36 years old and love potty humor. I don’t mind who knows it!

Here’s the catch. The cheapest copy this side of the pond is $85 plus shipping, and they’re not much better in Europe. Now, I think this is a fun-sounding game, don’t get me wrong, but that’s just not going to happen. So this falls under the Budget Grail category. It’s not that it can’t be had at any price. It’s that it won’t be. Someone show me to the $15 copy, or something. We’ll see.

Other, weirder Grails?

Tante Trudel working her Trodel

This one isn’t a Grail in the sense of wanting to own it, but I just learned tonight about the existence of Tante Trudels Trödel. The premise is that you are shopping in a thrift shop, but the proprietess is a touch eccentric, and will weigh your selections against some she has set aside, to see whether or not she will allow you to buy what you have chosen. There are actual plastic goods to weigh, and an actual cardboard balance scale. So weird, so whimsical! I would love to get my hands on it for an afternoon, but I know I wouldn’t play it again and again, if I had it for longer. I suppose I need to be satisfied knowing that it exists. And now you know too. You’re welcome.

Let us quest together!
Tell me some of your Grails and mini-Grails! I can’t be the only one who has that dream about finding a Grail game in the shampoo aisle at CVS, can I?


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2 Responses to Grail of the Week: Pecunia non olet

  1. OMG I Just was looking for that Tante game with the scale TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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