Sound off! Run over to AEG now to submit suggestions for the Smash Up: It’s Your Fault expansion!

smash-up-box-artI’ve seen tons of fantastic ideas for Smash Up factions on the forums, as well as great fan-made factions, and it’s always been a little sad knowing I’d never get to play with them. Well, it seems AEG has taken note of those ideas, and is now accepting submissions of ideas for the It’s Your Fault! expansion, to be released in Spring 2016.

A million interns will sift through the submissions and compile a 32-faction bracket, which we will get to vote on. The final four factions standing will make up the new expansion. Exciting!

Submissions will be accepted through May 11. Submit early, submit often!

Submit your ideas here. One idea per entry.


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Suzanna's passions are gaming, dogs, and writing. She also loves reading, travel, and cranberry juice. Above all else, she would have it be said that she is compassionate, funny, and too clever by half.
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