The Prodigal Games, Returned: Some exciting reprints for 2015

In the past month, there have been some really exciting developments in the realm of board game reprints. Some titles have been out of print for a year, some for a number of years. Some were pretty predictable, and at least one, I didn’t see coming at all. (Probably don’t ask me for stock tips. My predictions for the future don’t always pan out.) We’ll be doing some sleuthing, some exploring for treasure, and some hunting and gathering with 2015’s reprints!

One reprint that has made a big splash is Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. The last English-language edition came out in 2012 and seems to have sold out finally sometime in 2014 (I was lucky enough to score my copy from CSI last summer). There was some question as to whether or not Ystari was interested in reprinting for the Anglophonic market, so it is a huge relief that Asmodee has partnered with them to do so. As a very exciting side note, Asmodee has said recently that, while there are no plans to release English translations of the French expansion cases to the game, new cases are expected to be released in English in January of 2016. So that gives you something to wish for next time you see a shooting star.

Kosmos has brought joy to many hearts by reprinting both the two-player Lost Cities and Lost Cities: The Board Game, as well as Kahuna. Lost Cities and Lost Cities: The Board Game are already available in the US, and Kahuna, which originally was reported to have a release date in March, is now projected to hit the shelves sometime in the next couple of months. It is available for pre-order now. Lost Cities and Kahuna both originally hail from the Kosmos Two-player Series (which I love), and all three were published in the US by Rio Grande, which has published a ton of Kosmos titles over the years. Kosmos is now once again bringing out these games in English as part of a larger project to bring Kosmos games directly to the English market. In an interview with Zee Garcia at GAMA last month, the Kosmos rep also alluded to future games being re-released into the English-speaking wild, but was not free to name names.

This is the one I didn’t, for some reason, see coming. I’ve always liked Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers a lot, but I figured with frequent expansions to vanilla Carcassonne, and the recent release of Carcassonne: Gold Rush, also from Z-Man Games, as part of the Around the World series, there wasn’t much chance of a reprint of this one. I’m glad to be wrong, in this case, because, while I’m lucky enough to have gotten a copy through a trade last year, there are plenty of Carc fans who haven’t gotten their hands on it before now. Let’s roast a mastadon in celebration!

Mexica was first published in English by Rio Grande in 2002, and is part of what is known as The Mask Trilogy, which also includes Tikal and Java. (Tikal II: The Lost Temple, which didn’t come out until 2010, doesn’t seem to be considered part of the family, though Torres is often referred to as an honorary member.) Of the Mask Trilogy, I have only had the chance to play Tikal, and I love it. I don’t know a ton about the other games in the family, but will almost certainly pick this title up when Super Meeple/IELLO bring it out in August/September of this year. Rio Grande Games is also set to reprint Tikal sometime in May.

I’m sure there are other newsworthy reprints that have slipped past me, and I’d love to hear about them. Please share your scoops in the comments!


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