Baba Yaga Stalks Carcassonne: The most amazing unofficial Carc tiles EVAR

A colleague on BGG has just pointed us to a set of three unofficial (and almost certainly permission-free) Carcassonne tiles that have been given out for the past few years at the Russian National Carcassonne League as promos. They include a tile depicting Baba Yaga, from Russian folklore, and I am beyond thrilled. I plan to make them ASAP with my blank tiles that were included in my Big Box. Hurray!

baba-yaga-tilesI believe the image here gives the correct dimensions for printing. An English translation to the rules from Carc Central user Decar is here.

I’m not entirely sure I understand the rules he gives for the road pieces, but I think it just means they are treated as regular crossroads, terminating all roads that lead there. For the Baba Yaga piece, he says this:

Baba Yaga’s Hut
The player who places this tile may place a meeple onto Baba Yaga’s Hut. The meeple becomes Baba Yaga! The tile acts as an ‘anti-cloister’. A player scores 1-point for each absent surrounding land tile at the end of the game. The hut itself is worth 1-point, so at most, Baba Yaga may score 8-points. If Baba Yaga’s Hut is completely surrounded, Baba Yaga will be removed and scores just 1-point; the meeple is returned to the player’s supply.


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2 Responses to Baba Yaga Stalks Carcassonne: The most amazing unofficial Carc tiles EVAR

  1. Lane Foster says:

    I love the theme and the idea that Baba Yaga scores the most points if she is in the middle of nowhere unconnected to anything or is out of the game if she is surrounded by civilization.

    • Suzanna says:

      Yeah, it’s great that it’s not just cool art, but that it’s actually thematically-appropriate! Can’t wait to get these tiles made!

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