To Pimp or Not to Pimp: Upgrading Games vs Buying More of Them

I’ve certainly put nicer, sometimes more thematically-appropriate, dice in games to make them more appealing, but so far, I haven’t done anything big to pimp out, as the kids would say, my games. (We won’t talk about the hours spent trying, and miserably failing, to make the fan-made USSR board for TtR.) There are two active Kickstarter projects on right now that have me wondering, however, whether it might ever be worth it to spend as much or more upgrading a game I already have, as I would buying a whole new game.

First for consideration is the Fantasy Coin Kickstarter project, ending Saturday, May 16 (already fully funded), which features 9 differently-themed sets of coins, as well as jewel-cut gems. The price point is surprisingly low, with pledge levels starting at $14 for a set of 10 coins. I’m imagining playing a game like Machi Koro with these bad boys, and it does sound like fun. (Though there are many other games on my shelves that could benefit, too. That’s just the one I’ve played most recently.)

Another tempter is the Kingdom of Meeples collection of amazing meeples, animeeples, and resourcemeeples (is that a term??) for Agricola. This project isn’t funded yet, but has 26 days to go, ending June 2. A pledge of $25 will get you one family in the color of your choice, while $120 entitles you to a full complement of five families, a ton of animals, and even more resources. I’m almost considering picking up a couple of families (my husband and I often play two-player ‘Gric), but it seems to me that, as crowded as spaces get with animals and resources as it is, there just wouldn’t be room for figurines of same, however attractive they may be. I do hope this project funds, though, even if I forego these wonderful families in favor of something juicy from my wishlist.

On the other hand, storage solutions, whether self-made or professional, seldom ring my bells. This beautiful wooden case for Dominion from the folks at Broken Token is really great, and probably worth it if Dominion is your favorite game ever, but to me, it’s more interesting to pick up a couple more boxes of expansions and lump the storage problem than to have the amazing box. The also cool handmade storage solution, using what looks like the original box (hattip user firepile), is something I’d be slightly more likely to do, if I end up accumulating one or two more Dominion expansions and space becomes a real issue.

Game pimping abounds on the Geek, with blogs like Pimp My Game and the Best Pimped Boardgame of the Month contest, and I think there are a lot of us contentedly lurking in the shallows, enjoying other people’s efforts. I imagine looking at what others are doing is what gets a lot of people to cross over into that part of the hobby seeking even more enjoyment from their favorite games.

So the question is, to pimp, or not to pimp? I think, for my part, I’m almost always going to get a new game with the money, or play another game with the time, in the case of handmade upgrades, but I do really love looking at what other people have done. (And more later as to whether I give in to these Kickstarters above.)

Where do you fall? What great upgrades have you spotted lately? Share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments!


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Suzanna's passions are gaming, dogs, and writing. She also loves reading, travel, and cranberry juice. Above all else, she would have it be said that she is compassionate, funny, and too clever by half.
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One Response to To Pimp or Not to Pimp: Upgrading Games vs Buying More of Them

  1. Lane Foster says:

    I’m definitely of the buy-another-game school of thought. The cost of any of those items seems way to high to be worth it. It’s always nice to try something completely new, too.

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