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After 10 minutes, I had to put away my phone

Sometimes, though not often, in your darkest hour, life takes pity for a moment. This is not a post about board games. I pray my loyal readership of 2 to indulge me.This is a post about a small, wonderful thing. … Continue reading

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To Pimp or Not to Pimp: Upgrading Games vs Buying More of Them

I’ve certainly put nicer, sometimes more thematically-appropriate, dice in games to make them more appealing, but so far, I haven’t done anything big to pimp out, as the kids would say, my games. (We won’t talk about the hours spent … Continue reading

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Board Games With Keyboards?: Do Online Board Games Count?

Last month, I finally went to see what people were talking about with this whole “play free turn-based online” thing on Yucata (and have since also started using Boîte à Jeux), which has prompted me to consider an conversation among … Continue reading

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Fresh (Cardboard) Meat!: The First Acquisitions of June

The other night, I was excited to stumble upon a posting to the local gaming guild by a fellow gamer who is moving, and wants to divest himself of some of his games. As it turns out, he lives 5 … Continue reading

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When Games Welcome Us Home: A Reluctant Pilgrimage, a Warm Welcome, Fair Verona, and the Superstition Mountains

Here I am in deliciously dry Arizona, state of my birth, where it’s hot as hell, but at least you can’t drink the air. Some may remember that I was coming out here to accompany my sister in saying good-bye … Continue reading

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Naming Names at the Table: Anonymity versus Introduction at Gaming Events

I sometimes wonder how I would appear in people’s reports, if they wrote about games I’d played with them. “That girl”? “This chick”? “The cute redhead?” (One can hope.) The truth is, a large number of the people with whom … Continue reading

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Farming for Nerds: Explaining Quotidian Games to the Uninitiated

You’ve all heard of my non-gamer sister, the one who was so taken aback that so many of the supernerds at Table Top Day were married. (Though I must note she had no malice when she said this. She thinks … Continue reading

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