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The Prodigal Games, Returned: Some exciting reprints for 2015

In the past month, there have been some really exciting developments in the realm of board game reprints. Some titles have been out of print for a year, some for a number of years. Some were pretty predictable, and at … Continue reading

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International Table Top Day 2015, or, Christmas for Nerds

As a kid, I lay awake at night on Christmas Eve, breathless with excitement about Christmas morning. Now, I lie awake at night on International Table Top Day Eve. I’m not kidding. I had my t-shirt picked out a week … Continue reading

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Farming for Nerds: Explaining Quotidian Games to the Uninitiated

You’ve all heard of my non-gamer sister, the one who was so taken aback that so many of the supernerds at Table Top Day were married. (Though I must note she had no malice when she said this. She thinks … Continue reading

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This is Where I Lose and Find Myself: When Trite Facebook Word Art is True

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen it. Just in case, I’ll treat you to it again. For once, they got it right. There is a certain ebullient redheaded writer we all know about whom this is true. What began as … Continue reading

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Metagaming the Chaos Games: We Didn’t Playtest This At All with a 4-year-old

Full disclosure: Of the chaos games, I like Fluxx better, and within Fluxx, you really want one of the themed ones to keep my attention. (I do really want the Monty Python one. It’s been on my wishlist, languishing, for … Continue reading

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Hunting and Gathering Among Moms and Toddlers: Gaming at the Bagel Place (Childless Dog Lady Version)

We decided to do something different today. We wanted rosemary bagels and coffee. We wanted to play a game. So we took a game to our favorite bagel place, had our bagels and coffee, and played a game. It was … Continue reading

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There’s a Reason Archaeologists Have to Go to School for This: Still stumbling in Tikal

I’ve been thinking about this game ever since my very recent first play (A Flashback to the Most Difficult Climb of My Life: Tackling Tikal), and today decided it was time to go back for more. So I got out … Continue reading

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