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The Prodigal Games, Returned: Some exciting reprints for 2015

In the past month, there have been some really exciting developments in the realm of board game reprints. Some titles have been out of print for a year, some for a number of years. Some were pretty predictable, and at … Continue reading

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Together at Last: Asante and Jambo as a single deck

I was recently reminded by a reader that I had once promised to try the combination of Rüdiger Dorn’s games Asante and Jambo as one game. I indicated that I had read that others had done so to good effect, … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Selling Tea Leaves and Silk in My Sleep: Thoughts on Asante

After my magnificent find of Rüdiger Dorn’s Jambo, I started reading that it’s a good thing to do to play it in conjunction with his sequel, of sorts, Asante. I read up on Asante a little, and it sounded like … Continue reading

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How Much Are Those Tea Leaves in the Window?, A Jambo Session

Editor’s note: I have limped back from Arizona with my brain in a sling, but I am in one piece. Postings should be resuming now on a more regular basis! My flaming affair with the Kosmos 2-player series continues. There … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gift-Giving Guide: The Mother-in-Law Edition

With Mother’s Day coming, the advertisers seem to think the big problem is coming up with a gift for Mom. Now, you and I inhabit different worlds, of course, but in my world, it’s much more difficult to narrow down … Continue reading

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